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We hear you — a fast-paced, big-city life is rapidly losing its appeal for us too. Everywhere you look, it’s always congested with people. And don’t even get us started on the traffic and noise pollution.


So, have you already started to make concrete plans of moving to a quieter environment? Whether it’s for your mental health or to boost your productivity, a move to a less busy place may just be a dream come true.


What’s more, if transferring to a less crowded space is not bonus enough for you, there’s a special home loan that makes the move much more convenient now too.


USDA home loans make moving to your dream town or city much more affordable. We’ll talk about this program on this page — keep on reading.

What are USDA Loans?

In a nutshell, USDA loans are a type of home loan that is backed by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Housing Service agency (USDA). It makes moving to a rural area, with a population of less than 35,000, much more attainable.


There are two umbrella requirements to qualify for this type of mortgage. For one, you should move to a location with less than 35,000 people in the population. Another requirement is that your income should fall under brackets that are considered low to moderate.


Do you meet these basic qualifications for USDA home loan programs? You won’t need assets, downpayment, or a high credit score. What’s more, you might just be able to secure 100% financing — find out if your circumstances make you eligible for this or not.

USDA Loans Orange County that you can apply for

When it comes to applying for a USDA loan, borrowers have two options:


Direct USDA loan

Let’s get this out in the open — you can apply for a home loan directly to the USDA. However, you can only qualify for this type of mortgage if your household income is very low. This type of USDA loan can be very restrictive, limiting the size of the house and lot that you can own.


Guaranteed USDA loan

This is what we can offer here at Golden Coast Loans.


In this mortgage program, the USDA will guarantee 90% of the amount of the property. It may not be complete and total insurance, but this plus a zero downpayment requirement is certainly an attractive option.


The mortgage rates are entirely up to the discretion of lenders, but you can be assured of a competitive offer from us here at Golden Coast Loans.


If you are eyeing a modest property and have a low to moderate income in your household, this might just be the USDA loan for you. See, this option is not as restrictive as a direct loan from the USDA. There is no specific limit to your home and property size.


The guaranteed option is helpful and beneficial, plus it does not have a minimum amount set for your credit score too. You just have to be willing and able to pay back the loan.

Getting USDA Loans Southern California

Both direct and guaranteed USDA loans can be enjoyed by US citizens who are not tagged as delinquent payers to their existing loans or debts. You will need to show proof of dependable income as well.


This is a mortgage program that is meant to help US citizens who have low to moderate incomes. As such, it does not impose lengthy requirements and restrictions for one to qualify for it. Its major requirement is that you move to a place where the population does not exceed 35,000.


Of course, this type of loan typically favors those who need it the most. It prioritizes those that are:


  • unable to apply for a traditional home loan
  • without “decent, safe and sanitary housing”
  • working but with an income that can be classified as low


If you meet these basic qualifications, then you can easily make your move to a quieter life without the need for any downpayment.. Typically you will not be limited to a rural area. This loan can also apply if you want to move to a suburban property, as long as the population limit is met.

Applying for a USDA loan with Golden Coast Loans

Here at Golden Coast Loans, we can take you a step closer to becoming a homeowner. Even with a modest income, you can apply for a USDA-insured mortgage through us. With our straightforward processing and professional consultancy services, you can easily afford your own home without the hassle.


No minimum credit score requirement, no down payment needed, and no assets required — this loan could be your ticket to finally having a place you can truly call your own. Let us help you realize this dream today.

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